Toe Warmers Women’s On-The-Go Winter Boots

Toe Warmers Women's On-The-Go Winter Boots

Toe Warmers Women’s On-The-Go Winter Boots

The ToeWarmers Women On-The-Go Boot caters to your feet with the warm and cozy Radiantex insole that reflects body heat back to maintain comfort. The heel-to-toe Radiantex reflective thermal membrane insole offers superior cushioning as it uses your own body heat to keep your feet warm. The Waterproof Commander upper of this boot is responsible for keeping moisture out and warmth in as you walk, while the Milano fleece upper lining makes sure that your feet stay warm and dry.

  • Product Dimensions:1 x 1 x 1 inches; 1.6 ounces
  • Shipping Weight:1.6 ounces

    I’m typically a bargain shopper. I had read reviews about this boot on another site and decided to give them a try even though this price range was way beyond my budget. I’m glad I did! We had our first snow this morning. I put these boots on to clean off the truck. I took the dogs out for a walk. I stood outside as My Guy shoveled the drive-way. My feet never got cold! These boots are true to size and very comfortable! Walking in them was not the same experience I have had with other boots. I just cannot stress enough the comfort of these boots. I am a little bit over weight but do not consider my calves to be large. I was able to put my jeans inside my boots and zip them up with no extra effort. The zipper is on a slight angle, and I think it makes the boot easier to zip and unzip. The price: worth having warm, dry feet along with comfort!
    Comfortable and warm, they’re great for cold weather activities whether it’s traipsing about a a ski resort or walking your dog around the neighborhood.
    Very difficult to find Womens size 13 footwear. They fit. They are waterproof and they are warm. They aren’t exactly the prettiest boots ever made but they are practical for cold winter days. It’s ironic that this product is made in Canada and I can’t buy them here. I had to order from an American site and drive across the border to pick them up.
    I always have difficulty finding size 12 women’s boots in our local stores. I really like these boots because they fit well yet make my feet look relatively small, a factor when you’re talking about larger sized boots.
    I have a hard time finding shoes and especially well made winter boots because I wear size 12. I always look first at Amazon for all my purchases. I was kind of hesitant ordering these from another country but when I received them, my mind was changed. These are true to form, fit great and so very warm and waterproof. I wear them without socks, they are that warm and comfy! I recommend this product from Canada to anyone looking for any size!
    This is a very nice boot, my only complaint is that is runs small for the extra wide width. sad to return it

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    • fabric
    • manmade sole
    • Stop the cold in style with this wind and water-resistant 9 zip boot
    • Commander fabric upper
    • Heat reflecting insole
    • 1-1/4 heel
    • Padded collar and tongue

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